A complete "Natural" solution to use anywhere
It even helps to repel soap scum because it repels water
With Special Microfibers for better cleaning experience
All Clean Natural clean all your surfaces and areas like:
  •  Stainless Steel
  •  Windows
  •  Mirrors
  •  Kitchen
  •  Granite
  •  Marbel
  •  Bathroom
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Quick Note: Most cleaning products are made with harmful chemicals and still not able to clean effectively.
All Clean Natural was started in Calgary Alberta with $90.00 going door to door. We source every ingredient we can in Canada and strive to create great Canadian products.

3 months after started, our founder flew a balloon powered lawn chair over Calgary and got arrested for this great cause. He just beat all his charges and is at it again!

People love the Waterless Multipurpose in the kitchen, counters and fridge because it's all natural. Use it in the shower. It'll help to repel soap scum because it repels water. 

Use it on any hard surface and it'll keep it clean longer. Most cleaning products leave a sticky coating, ours leaves a slippery one that dirt and dust are not attracted to!
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